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Renewal Revenue Goals Need a Communications Plan

As more companies take advantage of new online business opportunities and models, the importance of a segmented communications program to support contract renewals is more critical than ever.  With some companies, maintenance agreement and support contract renewals are almost treated as an afterthought, but that is changing. There is simply too much money at stake. …

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Renewal Revenue 4 Ways to Fail

According to Morgan Stanley, 30-40% of the revenue and over 50% of technology company profits come from recurring revenue- and that number is even higher for SaaS/XaaS organizations. From 2012-2014 “cloud billing” will grow by about 35% Given it’s importance, one would expect that companies depending on recurring revenue would have that re-sell process firmly …

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Get on the Phone

Are you frustrated that you don’t ever seem to hear your sales reps on the phone? You are not alone. Get on the Phone by John Barrows

Should Sales Stop Teleprospecting? YES!

Sales will be much better off when they get teleprospecting help from Marketing. Marketing needs to drive higher quality leads and nothing improves lead quality like a telephone conversation. Sales needs to use outbound calling more effectively and nothing warms up that first live connection like a contact who knows who you are and already …

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Research or Procrastination?

I was just looking over an earlier post that included a link to 12 Prospecting Rules and one idea stood out –  confusing prospecting research with actual prospecting. It resonated with me because in my experience, the “need” for precall research, is one of the most frequently cited reasons for not picking up the phone …

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Sales Time is Irreplaceable

Time has always been the most precious sales commodity.  It is finite, unstoppable and a minute passed is gone forever. While technology has certainly helped sales people operate more efficiently, it has also opened new areas that demand to be covered. Thank about Social Media/Social Selling and LinkedIn.  For the successful B2B Sales person the …

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Define Social Selling

Tweet I’m struggling to come up with a definition of social selling that makes sense to me.  It’s not an easy thing to do, and if you think it is – go ahead – give me your best shot. I found these definitions online: Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO of Selling Power magazine and Sales 2.0 Conferences …

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What Will Your Sales Team Do Better This Year?

On your last birthday, you didn’t magically become a year older. On the first of January you didn’t automatically get a clean start. So, what’s the big deal with new years? Actually there isn’t one unless you have the good sense to take advantage of the opportunity and make it a big deal.  Decide that …

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Told You So

Is there possibly any question in marketing or sales that has been and will likely continue to be so thoroughly beaten to death as the perennial favorite – Is cold calling dead? First of, I’d like to mention that I saw a survey on LinkedIn today in the group discussions for Inside Sales Experts and …

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Declining Response Rates – Stop Shooting the Messenger

The most visible and important measure of success delivered to any company by any B2B marketing campaign is the direct response.  It blows awareness out of the water.  A direct response is more valuable than any measure of brand preference or image because it opens a dialogue for more marketing, it opens a door to …

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