Should These Words Feature in Your Voicemail Messages?

I just read an interesting post about the 12 most powerful words  by Deiric McCann to influence people and if they’re powerful on paper, they should be dynamite when you combine them with the persuasive impact of the human voice. Next time you’re leaving a message – discover what new results you’ll love when  you  appropriately incorporate some of these proven little gems.

  1. Discover – the most persuasive of them all
  2. Easy – because we all want to make our lives easier
  3. Guarantee – it takes the risk out
  4. Health- it seems we’d like to live longer afterall
  5. Love- because it implies you’ll attend to their needs
  6. Money- duh?
  7. New- and of course improved
  8. Proven- business buyers are still largely risk adverse
  9. Results- that’s how everyone is measured
  10. Safety – another look at the risk aversion
  11. Save- on everything – it seems we don’t have enough of anything
  12. You

…..and for all the sales reps in the audience……

It might also be a good idea to take another look at your cold call, follow up and nurturing openers.  It’s easy to fall into a rut and when your words become a bit too familiar you can lose the conviction that needs to be attached to everything you say.  Freshen up your talking points by including some of these words.

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