Guided Voicemail- Live Message – Fast Communications for a Time Limited Offer

This is a case study

Background – A software organization specializing in payment solutions for professional practices had a short term opportunity to boost sales to meet a compliance deadline.

Challenge – The potential base of smaller medical practices was too large to manage with outbound calling from their own sales team.  The solution they were offering was on par with competitive products, so being the first to communicate the offer was the only competitive advantage.  Practices varied but most decision makers were practicing physicians.


  • Lack of email addresses in the data base precluded email as a stand-alone option. Email alone was also not considered to be sufficiently intrusive, due to the competitive nature of the market.
  • A high visibility direct mail piece was considered and rejected because of the time lines and lack of urgency.
  • Traditional outbound telemarketing was rejected due to the high cost and slow penetration rate.  Additionally, without detailed product knowledge, telemarketers could
  • Computer dialed voicemail was rejected due to the lack of direct dial numbers.
  • Guided voicemail was the preferred alternative as it was fast and affordable. It also allowed for the client to maintain control over the message delivery and drive inbound inquiries. However, in the early stages of the program it was discovered that up to 50% of the professional practices did not use voicemail.  Receptionists took messages during the day and answering services managed in the evening.

Solution – Boxpilot created a hybrid messaging service for the program.  It combined the flagship guided voicemail service with a new offering – Live Message.  When Boxpilot’s callers were advised that voicemail was not an option, they instead verbally communicated the key information to be recorded by receptionists and assistants.  In some instances, the callers also directly communicated the contact information to the decision makers who in turn called the company for details. The Live Message communication also created an ideal opportunity to harvest new email addresses to facilitate “More Information”.

Results – The fast set up and message delivery allowed Boxpilot’s client to reach 70% of their prospect base before their competitors made their first recorded contacts.  The client’s inbound call center was pushed to almost 100% of capacity managing program inquiries.  Overall, the client exceeded their sales goals for this program by 18%.

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