Fighting a Change? Measure the Impact

What should be the first words out of your mouth when leaving a voicemail message?

Much of my recent research is pointing in a direction I’m just not buying, but is that just another example of a stubborn old dinosaur resisting change?  What I’m seeing more and more of,  in reports and on discussion groups is that a voice mail message – left for the purpose of lead generation/sales prospecting- should cut immediately to the chase, which is the “pain point”.

What should be pushed aside until later in the message is your self introduction.  That’s the “hello my name is ..and I’m calling from…” For some reason this is just sitting badly with me, but in the interest of ensuring that sticking to an old approach is not damaging my business, I’m going to be making the change and will keep track of the results and report back when a reading comes in on whether or not this makes any difference.

New messages from me will open immediately on the purpose of the call – which is to inquire about  an assumed pain point and point to a potential solution.  Let’s see how a head to head comparison comes out.

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