Driving Live Event Registration and Improving the Planning Process

Case Study


ZirMed specializes in revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers , a highly competitive market where lead generation is a challenge. A mix of activities is necessary to acquire new leads and nurture them through the cycle. 

The Challenge:

Events are an important activity for ZirMed to bring new contacts into the funnel and while they provide an outstanding opportunity for vendors to present the most compelling story to an executive audience, tough competition and reduced staffing and travel budgets have negatively impacted registrations and attendance. Additionally, a shortage of past response data made it difficult for the marketing team to establish accurate data driven benchmarks for projecting the registration/attendance impact of different programs. 

This, in part, had created a problem with lower than expected registration numbers for a rapidly approaching event in a major center. A quick registration boost was needed.


Kevin Weinstein, Vice President of Marketing for ZirMed recognized from past experience that a telephone call and personal invitation in support of the planned email program could deliver the required increase, but he was faced with three critical problems:

  1.   Marketing/ Sales could not divert sufficient staff to execute the 1,000 plus needed calls.
  2. The calls were required within a short window in order to sync up with the email campaign and be delivered in time to impact the registration numbers.
  3. The cost required to hire outbound telemarketing resources capable of execution within the timelines was not within the event budget

Luckily, Kevin had worked in the past with Boxpilot to drive registration to other events, so he as aware that guided voicemail could deliver the registrations, within the required time. He was knew that the efficiencies of delivering 1000+ calls in a day allowed for execution at a much lower cost than traditional telemarketing services.


Only two key deliverables were necessary from ZirMed to get the campaign up and running within 48 hours of the original booking.  ZirMed was able to immediately access the dial in recording system and record a short message that would be delivered to all the contacts on their list in front of a follow up email.  The only other requirement was to upload a list, in the form of an Excel spreadsheet with the company name, contact name and whatever phone information was available.



The guided voicemail campaign produced excellent results on a number of fronts:

  1. The calling program generated an 8% positive response rate
  2. The delivery of 1000+ calls on the same day using the same message has helped to establish data driven response benchmarks that will help to project future events.
  3. Updates were offered on the list data provided for the campaign which revealed areas of inaccuracy in the database and also provided indications of calling services well suited to reach an even larger audience for later and ongoing programs.

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