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It is always welcome and heartily appreciated, when one of our clients takes the time to send in a written testimonial about their experience with our company and service.

Promoting Conferences with Boxpilot

 “We’ve used Boxpilot on several occasions to promote our conferences and have been absolutely delighted with the results. On any typical email campaign we send (without Boxpilot), we receive between 5-10 personal responses that are directed back to the sender. (Personal messages like “Thanks for letting me know” or “Appreciate the conference update”…) When we use Boxpilot, that number is always exponentially higher. In fact, for one campaign we received 45 responses!  Each time we use Boxpilot, it’s proven to be a fantastic tool for getting through the clutter. But it’s also helped drive conference registrations. For example, one campaign saw an increase in conference registrations around a particular incentive by 40% vs each of the two years prior. Boxpilot is now a regular part of our conference marketing plan!”

Brian Rosenberg, SVP Sales & Marketing

Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)


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