5 Reasons to Use Voicemail to Reach the B2B Buyer

With all the choices available, finding a way to connect with B2B buyers has never been more challenging.  Traditional offline choices such as business publications, trade shows and direct mail are expensive media choices and (other than direct mail) not targeted enough for most needs. Online choices like email, PPC and search engine marketing are highly cluttered. Social marketing is extraordinarily time-consuming and so far just about impossible for most companies to measure and content marketing,  the newest darling on the block is extremely difficult and expensive to develop.  Beyond blogging, content creation is out of reach for the vast majority of companies and even maintaining an up-to-date blog is more than most businesses can manage.

So, this is a good time to take another look at your old friend the telephone and seriously consider ways to integrate voicemail messaging with your programs this fall.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Voicemail Will Work:

  1. Voicemail is totally targeted and a proven response booster. Your messages are delivered only to the exact people you want to reach with exactly the right message for them. There is no spill into outside audiences and no waste on contacts who will never care about your message. That precise targeting is just one of the reasons why voicemail can be added to your direct mail, email or web activity and boost your response rates by an average of 25-40%.
  2. Voicemail offers outstanding timing flexibility. It can be planned strategically and when needed deployed tactically. Short lead times, fast market coverage and the ability to almost instantly switch gears (and messages) when the need arises makes voicemail a brilliantly versatile tool.
  3. Voicemail creative is fast and easy to produce and virtually free.  All you need is a script and a person to say it.  And, just for the record, scripting help is as close as your Boxpilot Client Service Director and the best voices to use are the real people in your company. No writers, researchers, graphics, videos or endless content meetings.
  4. Voicemail builds real human rapport.  The emotional power of the human voice, like a smile, is a powerful tool to communicate excitement and enthusiasm. Like eye contact, a voice has the power to communicate belief and believability. That emotional delivery means that voicemail plays beautifully with other methods like email or direct mail, which deliver facts, stats and logical proof.
  5. Voicemail is the least cluttered media environment.  Yes, it’s a media choice, no different from email, on or offline advertising, broadcast or social messaging, with one big difference, it’s nowhere near as cluttered. In fact, it’s a pretty safe bet that when contacts are listening to your message, you have their full attention.

Not as sexy as social, as tech savvy as marketing automation nor loaded with the bragging rights of video content, voicemail is still a fast, easy, direct and persuasive way to communicate with the B2B buyer.

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