Make your Voicemail Campaigns More Efficient

So I just noticed a post at selling2business.com about leaving good voicemails and its not the sort of thing that can pass me without a comment. Overall, good points of what to say in the message but I’d like to add two things: 1- Track your voicemails to see what’s working the best. To do …

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Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams for Efficient Growth

One of the challenges that many companies appear to be facing is what to do to bring sales and marketing programs more into sync with each other. Eventually, the two departments have to find better ways to work together since, when it comes right down to it, both are trying to achieve the same final …

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The Future of Voicemail: An Old Tool in a New Light

When it comes to B2B communications, voicemail – once the darling of leading edge technology- is almost charmingly old school. Right now it seems that online is where the action is and while there is a lot of new innovation happening right now, it’s also swamped with hype and uncertainty. There are many unanswered questions …

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The Annual Boxpilot Holiday Game – Enjoy!

Our holiday game is both fun and challenging. As you try to catch as many snowflakes as you can, imagine the stream of prospects that Boxpilot can generate for you in 2015. Also imagine Boxpilot nurturing prospects so no opportunities fall to the wayside (unlike in the game!). See how high a score you can get!

Adding voice touches to your marketing automation workflows

Most marketing automation platforms allow you to trigger only emails from the workflows. This is a problem because it means you’re stuck being just another email in a cluttered inbox. In today’s newsletter, we look at how you can trigger live calls, voicemails and texts directly from within your marketing automation software – so you’re using a mix of media to dramatically increase engagement and responses. It’s as simple as adding a button!

Email Alone Won’t Sustain Us Anymore (Episode 2 of 2)

In last week’s post we left you with the question: “how can one stop … loss to competitors, and how can one get touches with higher levels of engagement than with email alone?”. The answer that we have seen emerge lies in utilizing a mix of media.  Alongside emails, we’re talking phone calls, voicemail, texts, notes, among other methods. Everyone …

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Email Alone Won’t Sustain Us Anymore (Episode 1 of 2)

You may have noticed in the past couple of years, especially with the adoption of many of the marketing automation platforms out there, email has really become the go‐to method to offer content and attempt to qualify. It’s understandable, because companies have invested significant expense and time into setting up the CRM and marketing automation systems that essentially enable them to really only trigger emails right out of the platforms. So in essence, they’re tied to email, in a way not even by choice.

But with everyone thinking and using email in this way, we’ve seen some significant challenges emerge as a result of this over‐reliance on email.

B2B – Back to Basics But Better

In its heyday outbound marketing even in B2B embraced a huge list of media options. In addition to email we had: Direct mail – in regular letter, postcard and dimensional versions Voicemail Online Advertising Newspaper, Business Magazine and even Outdoor Advertising Telemarketing Radio TV While not everyone could afford all the arrows in the outbound quiver, there was …

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Bad execution means poor results

One thing that has always puzzled me in business is that once someone gets good at something, they probably stop doing it. For instance, (while its not the best practice) successful sales people are often moved up to management where they don’t do any more selling.  Great buyers get promoted so they don’t have to …

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Attn B2B Sales – Pick Up The Phone!

Are are tired of reading about how a typical B2B sale is 50 -60-70% complete before the prospect engages with a sales rep?  I am.  And that’s because that “finding”  which might be true with some mature product/service categories does not apply to what I sell. It doesn’t apply to what most of my clients …

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