Cold Calls

Does Cold Calling Still Work?

The debate rages endlessly. Does cold calling work? If you read the articles and posts coming from the leading edge marketing writers and Sales 2.0 experts, it seems that the consensus is that cold calling is dead. Their reasoning for cold calling being a thing of the past is because no-one wants to get cold …

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Attn B2B Sales – Pick Up The Phone!

Are are tired of reading about how a typical B2B sale is 50 -60-70% complete before the prospect engages with a sales rep?  I am.  And that’s because that “finding”  which might be true with some mature product/service categories does not apply to what I sell. It doesn’t apply to what most of my clients …

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Blow Me Away

Have I ever told you how much I love telephone prospecting? I lied. Yes. It’s good when I make a connection and open the door to an interesting and potentially lucrative new business opportunity and I like to talk to new people. But, let’s be honest. Not a lot of dials end that way. But …

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Canada’s Anti-Spam Regulations -CASL- July 2014

If you are selling, doing lead or demand generation to any company or individual employee located in Canada – you need to pay attention to CASL coming into effect on July 1, 2014 because my friends, this could be very ugly. 1- Make no mistake that this legislation applies only to messages sent to consumers …

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Boost Your Sales Ratios

I’ve had to cold call through too many recessions not to recognize that while it might be irreplaceable, it’s terribly inefficient. I resent how it wastes my precious time and I suspect that anyone who shares at least part of the responsibility to generate their own leads knows exactly how I feel. I’m calling into …

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Sales Prospecting and Quality Leads

If there was ever a good reason for marketing and sales to drop the walls and find new and better ways to work together, the priority the market has placed on generating high quality leads would be it. In some companies it’s possible that sales is completely out the lead generation (better known in sales circles …

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Go Away – I’ve Never Heard of You

Cold call – definition for this post  -“I’ve never heard of you or your company.  I have no idea what you do, why I should value it or why I should listen to you now or talk to you later” Now, that’s cold. I’ve made thousands of calls just like that and they used to …

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Marketing+Sales=Better Lead Prospecting

Marketing calls it lead generation, sales calls it prospecting.  If we call it “lead prospecting” and I promise that you can do a better job,can we agree to work together? Because I have no doubt that combining the strengths of the two teams will: Drive more leads into the revenue funnel Improve the quality of …

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Get on the Phone

Are you frustrated that you don’t ever seem to hear your sales reps on the phone? You are not alone. Get on the Phone by John Barrows

10 More Reasons to Change the Way Sales Tele-Prospects

I feel like a Traitor. After 20+ years in sales, believing that a rep who couldn’t do their own teleprospecting was a useless as tits on a bull, I’ve recently been forced to concede that for B2B, in this day and age, teleprospecting might be better managed by marketing. This blog recently ran a post …

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