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The 5% Data Solution

One field at a time. One day at a time. That’s how the quality of your database erodes.  It doesn’t go from perfection to garbage overnight, but you can be sure that with every passing day your data quality is degrading, if you’re not doing something to fix it. Updating information in a database is …

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Drive Leads and Repair Your Database Simultaneously

Tweet I see a lot of companies finally starting to dig out of the financial mess we’ve been living in for the last few years and for a lot of them that means finally taking a look at some of the messier details that have been swept under the carpet.  It’s not pretty. A big …

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A Little Known Service

Tweet Boxpilot has the capability to help companies requiring fast database research.  One of the advantages of a large call center geared to delivering messages to businesses is the availability of skilled callers who have abundant experience in reaching out to businesses, verifying and sourcing contact information over the phone and confirming that information with …

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Case Study – Reclaiming Names for the Sales Funnel

Background The marketing group at a leading provider of collaborative business commerce solutions is constantly on the lookout for innovative and efficient ways to add new names to a typically voracious sales funnel.  Like every other business, this team knows that many of the names will fall out of the funnel before they turn into …

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