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Renewal Revenue 4 Ways to Fail

According to Morgan Stanley, 30-40% of the revenue and over 50% of technology company profits come from recurring revenue- and that number is even higher for SaaS/XaaS organizations. From 2012-2014 “cloud billing” will grow by about 35% Given it’s importance, one would expect that companies depending on recurring revenue would have that re-sell process firmly …

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Get on the Phone

Are you frustrated that you don’t ever seem to hear your sales reps on the phone? You are not alone. Get on the Phone by John Barrows

Should Sales Stop Teleprospecting? YES!

Sales will be much better off when they get teleprospecting help from Marketing. Marketing needs to drive higher quality leads and nothing improves lead quality like a telephone conversation. Sales needs to use outbound calling more effectively and nothing warms up that first live connection like a contact who knows who you are and already …

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5 Problems that are Killing Your Results

This is about hidden or ignored problems that are killing your results.. Why is our campaign failing? There are lots of reasons why a marketing campaign can fail to deliver the intended responses from a business audience. But over the last ten years, working with B2B companies on literally hundreds of event registration, lead generation …

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Sales Reps Won’t Make Your Calls

Unless Your sales team meets all or most of these conditions Is very junior Has nothing better to do Is only paid by salary Is not held to quotas Is actually a customer service group in disguise Your sales team is about as likely to spend their time conscientiously making your event recruitment or other …

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Timing and Event Invitations

When do you start to promote an event?  More specifically, when is “too soon” to promote a free event and how long do you have before your unaided conversion of registrants to attendees bottoms out? A few years ago I was working with a publisher who, in addition to their periodicals also offered webinars as …

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Take the Time to Segment Your Messages

No one doubts the importance of personalization in both consumer and business to business marketing.  In fact, it seems to me that with the use of event triggered emails and entire nurturing programs that are created to provide just the right content for an individual during their B2B buying journey, our ability to customize content …

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Terror of the Freebie Queen

No one in business is under the illusion that everything runs smoothly, all the time.  We do our best, but now and then things go wrong.  Sometimes it’s because we’ve messed up and sometimes the client messes up and sometimes everything goes to hell in a handbasket and neither side is at fault. I’ve worked …

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Exactly How Bad is Your Data?

Underestimating the damage caused by an out of date and duplicate riddled database is the most frequently made and damaging mistake.   If I had ten bucks for every time I’ve heard a client admit that their database is lousy, I probably wouldn’t quite be able to retire yet, but I’d sure have a lot …

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Research or Procrastination?

I was just looking over an earlier post that included a link to 12 Prospecting Rules and one idea stood out –  confusing prospecting research with actual prospecting. It resonated with me because in my experience, the “need” for precall research, is one of the most frequently cited reasons for not picking up the phone …

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