Tackle Voicemail Like a Pro

I just read a great article about how to tackle voicemail.  Like it or not, voicemail is never an excuse not to have the conversations you need to have to make your sales.

Voicemail – like every other obstacle a sales person has to deal with – carries in it the seeds of a fresh opportunity and Dave Kahle in his article Victory over Voicemail, explains just how to grow those seeds.

One of my favorite parts of this article talks about the 6 hats that a successful sales person needs to wear:

  • An Astute Planner
  • A Trusted Friend
  • An Effective Consultant
  • A Skillful Influencer
  • An Adept Human Resource Manager
  • A Master Learner

Read how he applies each of these hats to the question of voicemail.


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