Social Media, Events and the Human Voice

Here’s a brief synopsis of a presentation scheduled for the Continuing Education Marketing Conference – August 29-30/12 in Chicago.

How to add a human voice to your website, social media, and email marketing to promote any type of event.

Websites, Social Media, and Email are terrific ways to promote your events, but what about human contact? I have been working with clients for the last ten years driving registrations and attendance to seminars, conferences, road shows, and webinars – paid and unpaid alike. The one thing we have found that can always boost the numbers is something simple: human contact!

The fastest,easiest,and by the far most affordable way to add human contact is to add a real human voice to your event communications!

A study was just released from the Missouri School of Journalism that verifies how social pages with a human voice…as opposed to a purely institutional presence… were better able to build a sense of trust and improve communications with contacts and page visitors.  Satisfaction scores were higher too, and in fact the entire interaction was ranked higher.

So, I recommend that you put a human voice to your email, social programs, and web pages. You can increase trust, improve communication and satisfaction. Your event enrollments will increase dramatically. Here are 8 simple steps to get you started:

  • Identify the right “voice” people in your organization
  • Feature them in your blogs and social pages using audio and video files
  • Link your Tweets so you have more comprehensive content in audio form
  • Offer an audio option on your forums and social conversations
  • Offer and collect phone information for personal follow-up
  • Ensure your audio content matches the quality of your written content
  • Use the phone to support your email invitations and remainders
  • Use “guided” voicemail to communicate without intrusion

See  more information or register for  the Continuing Education Marketing Conference run by Clemson University

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