Events and Your Bottom Line

Make Them More Than A Marketing Expense

Event marketing including the venerable stand-by-  tradeshows-  as well as roadshow seminars and demos, in house seminars, partner events and virtual events fade in and out of favour as marketing tools. But, one thing that will never fall out of favour are revenue positive or at least neutral event initiatives that educate customers and potential customers and help toss some of the associated expense back into the kitty.

The best option for this is the User Conference and the best way to make sure that your User Conference can directly contribute some cash back to the company is to drive as much paid attendance as possible for the lowest possible cost.  Yes. I agree. That’s a “DUH” statement.  But how to do it?

Here’s a short video that shows one possible way you can:

  • Drive up to 672% more attendance
  • Reduce telephone marketing costs by 88%
  • Achieve 100% follow up – on schedule.

Making Events Pay

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