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Worst Prospecting Voicemail Mistakes

There’s a terrific post on EyesOnSales called The 20 Worst Prospecting Voicemail Mistakes Salespeople Make and there are a few mistakes that really ring true for me. One of them is “Not leaving a voicemail at all.”  It’s the number one mistake and I couldn’t agree more.  While there are still some companies and sales …

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Evolving the Cold Call

Cold calling has different meanings in different businesses, but for B2B Lead Generation, cold calling is the art and the science of using the telephone to introduce a helpful, relevant, new idea to a company or contact with whom you have not worked in the past. The degree of pre-call preparation will vary and how …

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What Do Your Peers Think About Cold Calling?

Introduction: Forums and group discussions are one of the oldest forms of Social Media.  They provide an unbiased insight into the thinking of your peers on a variety of topics, but are also time consuming, intrusive and distracting to follow. However, for all the drawbacks, they are an outstanding source of information and insight, dealing …

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Have You Noticed More Attention for Events?

We’ve always done a lot of work helping clients support events – from webinars to road shows to annual conferences. One thing that was brutally apparent over the last two years was the reduced use of events as marketing tool, but that appears to be changing. I’m seeing a lot of our clients and their …

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