Smart Texting Beats the Batch Technique

There are some problems associated with using the batch method for sending text messages in support of your marketing campaigns.

For example, we have found in the past that delivery levels are very poor and there’s no good enough explanation for why that should happen. Another problem I have with batch texting is that it is difficult to directly tie a specific text message into a cohesive campaign in terms of how the message delivery is timed. Since I’d rather not look like I’m spamming someone with a mass message, my preference is to lead with a carefully targeted voicemail and use a text to follow up with a link to available detail.To do that, the follow up text messages cannot be sent in a batch of thousands but need to take their timing cue from the delivery of my voicemail.

Finally, I don’t like that with batch texting you don’t have any ability to accept replies.  Texts are a lot like emails in that they are very easy to reply to and so I think they’re a great choice for collecting RSVP’s to trade shows and other events and especially good for communicating at events.

We’ve had a lot of clients asking about batch texting services, but I think they deserve a better alternative than that.

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