The Annual Boxpilot Holiday Game – Enjoy!

Our holiday game is both fun and challenging. As you try to catch as many snowflakes as you can, imagine the stream of prospects that Boxpilot can generate for you in 2015. Also imagine Boxpilot nurturing prospects so no opportunities fall to the wayside (unlike in the game!). See how high a score you can get!

Happy Holidays from Boxpilot

What’s your score?

  • 1400+ – Great!
  • 1100-1300 – Good.
  • 900-1100 – Not bad… try again.
  • <900 – No more eggnog for you!

While playing, think about all the ways you can use Boxpilot next year – build pipeline by generating sales-ready leads and appointments, building attendance to events, and nurturing hand-raisers into purchasers. Renewal programs, sales calling programs and data quality programs.. or adding option to add voice touch with a keystroke to your marketing automation.

10 Tips: Ways Boxpilot can Generate Results for you in 2015

1) Attendance Builder: Boxpilot’s powerful “Attendance Builder” program uses our suite of services to integrate a mix of media, touches, and tools to create a complete event marketing solution for you – pay by the invitee, or by the attendee.

2) Sales-Ready Leads: Boxpilot can execute a mix of media plan to generate sales-ready leads for a flat fee-for-service price or a per sales-ready lead price – keeping your reps talking to a constant stream of leads.

3) Appointment/Demo Setting: With Boxpilot’s appointment setting solutions, we make sure that you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right decision makers–without taking your focus away from closing deals.

4) Lead Generation: We have worked hard to build best practices around using a mix of media that work together to achieve the most results for the least – an optimal blend of email, live voice, guided voicemail, direct mail, texting, social media and so forth in the B2B environment.

5) Lead Nurturing: Companies are potentially losing up to 70% of their prospects to competitors who are doing a better job of engaging them. Our lead nurturing programs keep prospects engaged and moving down the funnel.

6) Renewals: With a mix of media contacting plan sequenced to each customer’s lapse date, Boxpilot’s renewal solutions can help you improve and grow your revenue base by increasing renewal rate.

7) Sales Calling Programs: With Boxpilot’s sales rep multiplier program, up to 10x more accounts can be getting to know each of your reps, without hiring more reps.

8) Pipeline Builder: By plugging each rep into Boxpilot’s Pipeline Builderâ„¢, your sales team “turn on” the tap to consistently and predictably fill up their sales pipelines with sales-ready leads and opportunities.

9) Data Quality: Better data means higher ROI. Boxpilot can maintain data quality and track the changes within customer and prospect companies with a commitment to ongoing maintenance.

10) Marketing Triggers: Add one-off and sequenced B2B outbound live voice, voicemail, and text touches directly from your marketing automation software.

To learn more about how Boxpilot can generate results for you, please contact your account manager watch a video, or call or email us to schedule a demo.


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