The Ultimate Follow Up Email for Sales

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Mike Cannon at Rally Marketing for a great post about writing sales emails and three simple rules to follow.

I routinely send emails to follow up the voicemail messages I leave because I know that once I’ve left my message, my email has a better chance of being read and frankly, I love that they can be so easy to respond to. But Mike’s post has done a lot to help me – in the role of a sales professional- manage my business much more intelligently.

You see, I was having a slight problem.  My emails were getting too long (as I got more wrapped up in my own deathless prose and less  focused on what I wanted to accomplish). But when I read Mike’s second point – Make you emails two sentences long, I could have hooted with the pleasure that simple “Aha!” moment brought me.

I’ve taken my favourite themes and stripped them back to the bones so that my emails are more like my voicemails – carefully constructed, purposeful and right to the point.  I think that if taken to heart,  not only could hundreds of hours a year be saved, but more sent emails would actually get a reading.

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