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Attn B2B Sales – Pick Up The Phone!

Are are tired of reading about how a typical B2B sale is 50 -60-70% complete before the prospect engages with a sales rep?  I am.  And that’s because that “finding”  which might be true with some mature product/service categories does not apply to what I sell. It doesn’t apply to what most of my clients …

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Research or Procrastination?

I was just looking over an earlier post that included a link to 12 Prospecting Rules and one idea stood out –  confusing prospecting research with actual prospecting. It resonated with me because in my experience, the “need” for precall research, is one of the most frequently cited reasons for not picking up the phone …

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12 Prospecting Rules

Just a quick post to draw your attention to 12 Most Important Rules for Prospecting For sales people in smaller organizations and especially for Business Owner/Operators who are pulled in about a million different directions, it makes some very useful points. My favorite is the cautionary note to be able to separate prospecting/contact research from …

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What Do Your Peers Think About Cold Calling?

Introduction: Forums and group discussions are one of the oldest forms of Social Media.  They provide an unbiased insight into the thinking of your peers on a variety of topics, but are also time consuming, intrusive and distracting to follow. However, for all the drawbacks, they are an outstanding source of information and insight, dealing …

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