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Go Away – I’ve Never Heard of You

Cold call – definition for this post  -“I’ve never heard of you or your company.  I have no idea what you do, why I should value it or why I should listen to you now or talk to you later” Now, that’s cold. I’ve made thousands of calls just like that and they used to …

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Marketing+Sales=Better Lead Prospecting

Marketing calls it lead generation, sales calls it prospecting.  If we call it “lead prospecting” and I promise that you can do a better job,can we agree to work together? Because I have no doubt that combining the strengths of the two teams will: Drive more leads into the revenue funnel Improve the quality of …

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Get on the Phone

Are you frustrated that you don’t ever seem to hear your sales reps on the phone? You are not alone. Get on the Phone by John Barrows

5 Reasons to Use Voicemail to Reach the B2B Buyer

With all the choices available, finding a way to connect with B2B buyers has never been more challenging.  Traditional offline choices such as business publications, trade shows and direct mail are expensive media choices and (other than direct mail) not targeted enough for most needs. Online choices like email, PPC and search engine marketing are …

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10 More Reasons to Change the Way Sales Tele-Prospects

I feel like a Traitor. After 20+ years in sales, believing that a rep who couldn’t do their own teleprospecting was a useless as tits on a bull, I’ve recently been forced to concede that for B2B, in this day and age, teleprospecting might be better managed by marketing. This blog recently ran a post …

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Should Sales Stop Teleprospecting? YES!

Sales will be much better off when they get teleprospecting help from Marketing. Marketing needs to drive higher quality leads and nothing improves lead quality like a telephone conversation. Sales needs to use outbound calling more effectively and nothing warms up that first live connection like a contact who knows who you are and already …

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Research or Procrastination?

I was just looking over an earlier post that included a link to 12 Prospecting Rules and one idea stood out –  confusing prospecting research with actual prospecting. It resonated with me because in my experience, the “need” for precall research, is one of the most frequently cited reasons for not picking up the phone …

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Sales Time is Irreplaceable

Time has always been the most precious sales commodity.  It is finite, unstoppable and a minute passed is gone forever. While technology has certainly helped sales people operate more efficiently, it has also opened new areas that demand to be covered. Thank about Social Media/Social Selling and LinkedIn.  For the successful B2B Sales person the …

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You’re One in a Million…..(Sales Callers)

How many times have you dialed a new contact and made the connection, only to hear the complaint “You’re the 10th call like this I’ve had today”? It’s not an uplifting experience. Yes, there is some exaggeration, but there is also considerably more than a grain of truth and you need to find a way …

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The Big Data Issue is BAD DATA

Will the fascination marketers have with buzz words never end? (Well, no actually it won’t)  and now it seems that the talk of the town is Big Data. For the minuscule percentage of marketers with pristine data and the wherewithal to afford the talent and tools to create added value for their organizations through the …

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