A Little Known Service

Boxpilot has the capability to help companies requiring fast database research.  One of the advantages of a large call center geared to delivering messages to businesses is the availability of skilled callers who have abundant experience in reaching out to businesses, verifying and sourcing contact information over the phone and confirming that information with a message delivery.

In fact, the same call center teams can pre-test lists and obtain some of the most basic information using the internet.  You can do that as well of course, utilizing your own in house resources, but the question is can you do it as quickly or affordably? For purposes like major event communications plans with an unknown local component, a  specialized industry focus or even a geographically sorted list of prospects its not unusual to find that the house database gets a little skimpy when you need to dig deep.  Time sensitive opportunities won’t wait the several weeks it usually takes to retask inhouse resources with database building.

So the next time you need something pulled together quickly, you could try talking with  your Boxpilot sales rep.

Just a thought.

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